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Additional Handler to Assist with Showing

CAWA Regulations state:

B23.3.2: The handler of any exhibit in the show ring may not be replaced by a handler from outside the ring during the period of judging, except with permission of the Chief Steward (or in his absence the Ring Steward)  and with the approval of the judge.

Where a member requires assistance to exhibit their dogs - on a temporary or permanent basis - the Governing Council has approved the use of a form (available on the website and in the show office) or a Handler Card, issued by the CAWA office, worded "Allows the card holder to use a replacement handler when required".

Members wishing to apply for a Handler's Card, which will allow them to use an assistant handler (i.e. runner or lifter) due to an ongoing disability will need to apply in writing and include a copy of a medical certificate stating the period of disability.

Member who require assistance in the short term should complete a copy of the Replacement Handlers form Replacement Handler Form and lodge it with the relevant Chief Steward prior to commencement of judging.

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