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Endurance Trials

Dog Obedience Clubs in conjunction with Dogs West conduct Endurance Tests for dogs.

Your time spent in conditioning yourself and your dog in preparation for an Endurance Test is a healthy and enjoyable time. One or two months preparation will ensure a positive result.

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Your dog must be between 2 and 7 years of age in order to compete and must pass a vet check 14 days prior to the test. The test is over 20 kilometres carried out in three stages, 8 kms, 6 kms and 6 kms. Before the test there is a preliminary vet check and a simple obedience exercise.

Between each leg is a short rest break during which time your dog is vet checked. After the last leg and a 15 minute rest there is a final vet check and the simple obedience exercise is repeated.

At the conclusion all successful dogs will be awarded the title Endurance test and be able to have the letters ET proudly included at the end of their registered name.

You and your dog will have the satisfaction of knowing you have created a deeper and more meaningful bond during your training and competing in the Endurance Test.

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