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Governing Council

Governing Council is the governing body elected by the Members of Dogs West to manage the affairs of the Association.

Elections are held each year, with a third of the Council being elected for each financial year. 

The President and Vice President are popularly elected by the Members for a two-year term.

Councillors are available to be contacted by members between 7.30pm and 9pm.

The current Governing Council Members are:

Elected to 2020Ms P Campbell9291 8598
Elected to 2021Mr D Kehoe0417 958 707
Elected to 2022Mr P Wilkes0407 609 431
 Mr J Griffiths0431 929 000
 Mr R Shellback0411 784 603
Elected To 2021Mrs A Howell9398 4725
 Mrs C Storrs0488 025 067
 Mr M WellockVia Dogs West office
Elected to 2020Mrs H Jones0457 148 838
 Mrs S Baxter0417 941 727
 Mr D Barker08 9455 1860
Elected to 2020Mrs P Kelly0412 277 113
 Ms K Richardson0427 380 186
Mrs S MalliaMrs S Mallia0439 777 711

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