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Tracking is a challenging and rewarding dog sport which utilises your dog's natural ability.tracking bloodhound

Tracking is something that all dogs can do. It is a natural instinct for a dog to use his sense of smell. The dog’s tracking ability is extremely acute and we still don’t fully understand the dog’s capabilities in this area. 

Dogs have helped the hunter to find game and food and in France dogs hunt for exotica like truffles. Dogs have also been used by police to hunt criminals and by search and rescue workers to find lost people.

We don’t have to teach a dog to track, we use their natural instinct to teach them that we want them to follow a certain track or scent. Dogs learn to use their amazing sense of smell, to follow a trail to find articles and the best reward of all, to find a tracklayer at the end.

Handlers learn to read their dog’s body language which in turn enables them to trust their dog’s nose and follow them into the unknown.

Clubs train in the beautiful forest at Gnangara Pine Plantation on Saturday mornings during the winter months.  This is a wonderful backdrop for tracking activities, allowing triallers to escape from the stresses of everyday life and enjoy the good company of fellow trackers and of course build on the special bond they have with their four legged friends.

All dogs are welcome to join tracking activities - current dogs trialling include a Maltese cross to a Great Dane with everything in between!tracking corgi

Whether you are looking for an exciting new activity to share with your dog or to take on the challenge of Tracking Trials, everyone is welcome to take part in Tracking.

For the advanced tracker there is Track & Search which gives those who have achieved their Tracking Champion the chance to go on to more challenging tracks including urban and night tracking.

Unlike other disciplines the dog is in charge and they thrive on telling you what to do for a change.

This is a team sport between you and your dog and fellow trackers.

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