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Ready to start Trialling your dog?

You have worked hard training your dog and are now at the stage where you can start trialling and attain qualifying scores towards your titles.

If you are new to trialling, it can be confusing. Ask the wrong person and they will tell you all you have to do is enter a competition and turn up on the day with your dog!!! What could be easier? But for a 'newbie' it's not so cut and dried.

MembershipAgility Aussie Tire

  • Let us start at the beginning. Before you can compete in a trial, you MUST be a member of the Canine Association of WA. Download the membership application from this website or contact the office and one will be posted to you. If your dog is not registered (i.e. purebred unregistered or cross bred) you will need to complete an "Application to Register an Associate Dog" to register your dog with the Association.

  • Once you become a member of the CAWA you will receive a membership card which will indicate your membership number. Keep this card in a safe place. You will also the latest Canine News, which has all the details for scheduled trials, and some blank entry forms. The Canine News is a bi-monthly publication and will be posted out to you every January, March, May, July, September and November.

Prior to Trialling

  • Prior to entering a trial, it is a good idea to contact some of the clubs advertising trials, and offer to steward in the Novice class  Alternatively, go along to a trial and watch. You can learn so much watching people compete and it gives you an insight as to what to expect when you enter.

  • If you are going to trial, you need to know the rules of the class in which you are competing. The Rules are downloadable from this website. See

Entry Forms

  • Completing an entry form is pretty straight forward. Your dog's name, breed, date of birth, sex, registration number (which can be found next to your dog's name on the registration papers), sire/dam and their registration numbers. If you don't have a registered pedigreed dog, you need not complete the sire/dam details.

  • You will need to provide your CAWA membership number.

  • Don't forget to sign the entry form.

  • Many clubs now offer 'online' entries. Check the event schedule for details.


  • The rest of the form is straight forward "height at shoulder" requires your dog to be measured officially by one of the Measuring Committee judges.

  • The Measurement Working Party make themselves available to measure dogs - read more here.

  • You will need to take your dog's registration papers in order for the paperwork to be completed, and then you will be issued with a Measuring Card, stating your dog's height and number.

  • Once again, keep this card in a safe place.

  • You will need to provide these details on entry forms when competing in trials.

What do I do now that I have gained my first title:

 You have now passed 3 qualifying trials with your dog in Novice! Well done. Once you have qualified, it is important that you know you CANNOT now enter the Novice class again, unless the closing date for the next trial has passed. You can enter the next class however, but you MUST have completed the next step - which is -It is necessary now for you to forward the following:

  • COPY of each of your qualifying cards

  • COPY of your dog's registration certificate

  • "Application for Title" this form can be downloaded from the CAWA website, or contact the office and one will be posted out to you.

  • Cheque for the fee for your title application. This can be found on the back page of the Canine News under the heading "Other Titles".

Once you have submitted these details to CAWA, you can, if your dog is ready, now compete in the next class.

Check List:

Getting Started:

  • Apply for membership of Dogs West

  • Register your dog with Dogs West

  • Receive Membership card and Canine News then select trial

  • Have your dog "officially" measured

  • Complete entry form

  • Send entry form and fee to Trial Secretary

  • On the day -

    • Pack vehicle with dog, lead, competitor number holder (safety pin or armband), refreshments
      for you and your dog, bedding, water bowl, chair

    • Check weather, take appropriate clothing and shelter

    • Arrive early at venue

    • Collect number from trial secretary

    • If you have a bitch, get her vetted

    • Ensure that you are ready at ringside when you are called to compete

When you have qualified for a title:

  • Photocopy qualifying certificates, registration paper

  • Complete "Application for Title" form

  • Send all above with the applicable fee to the Canine Association of WA

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