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Govt Consultation - Animal Welfare & Stop Puppy Farming

June 2019

View the submission from Dogs West on the Draft Standards and Guidelines for the Health and Welfare of Dogs in WA here.

23 April 2019

Public Consultation is now open on the draft Standards and Guidelines for the Health and Welfare of Dogs in WA.

Please visit the DPIRD Website to learn about this consultation.

We urge all Members to take part in this consultation opportunity - do not leave a response to others - every response is important - this is about the welfare of all dogs.

Presentation to Dogs West Members on Consultation - presentation given to Dogs West Members by the President

Dogs West response to the Initial Draft Document - Dogs West feedback to the initial draft Standards

The Proposed Standards and Guidelines for the Health and Welfare of Dogs in WA - read this carefully - there is a lot of detail in many areas, and it applies to anyone who owns or manages dogs.

Response form - we urge all Members to include comments against each section to make the feedback relevant and meaningful.

28 November 2018

Thank you to all Dogs West Members who provided feedback to the State Government on the Stop Puppy Farming initiative.

Earlier this week the Local Government Minister David Templeman released the outcome of the consultation.

The 4,754 responses received by the Government showed broad support for the initiatives put forward, but no detail is available at this time on what may be put forward in any proposed Legislation.

Exemptions for Dogs West Members was the very strong message in the 457 Dogs West Member submissions put forward during the consultation phase, and work will continue to ensure a fair outcome for our Members.

We also await the consultation phase of the proposed changes to the Animal Welfare Act for the keeping, breeding and transport of dogs, and will update Members on the progess of both matters as they unfold.

Pamela Campbell




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