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Dogs West is an important part of the community and provides many services and activities to enable dog owners to better understand and appreciate the enormous potential their best friend has to offer.

Importantly, Dogs West works with the community offering advice on the care and welfare of a dog - we believe that all dogs deserve responsible and caring owners.

The main purpose of the Association is to promote sound breeding and the protection of pure bred dogs. To this end there are many regulations concerning the breeding and registration of puppies.  Many competitions are held to give breeders the chance to have qualified people pass opinion on their dogs and thus assist them to maintain sound, quality stock.

The responsibility of breeding good quality dogs that are sound in mind and body is one that breeders take very seriously. Many hours are spent, reviewing pedigrees and assessing dogs before decisions are made for matings, and then over selection of puppies for breeding. The Association has the role of controlling the breeding of puppies by promoting a Code of Ethics and putting other checks in place.

Come to events on our grounds - visitors are welcome and entry is free.

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Train Your Dog

Training held at the Association's grounds to teach your dog everything from being a good companion to Obedience and Agility, as well as training for the show ring and child handlers.  Come and join in!

Pure Bred is Best

The purebred dog is far more predictable as to its temperament, behaviour, appearance, size and even colour than a crossbred dog.

Looking for a Puppy?

Ask yourself questions such as these before committing yourself to what will be a long-term responsibility.

Consumer Protection Advice

Responsible Breeding

Dedicated dog breeders must become relative experts in many areas if they wish to produce sound, healthy dogs.

Finding the Right Breeder

Responsible breeders care. They raise happy and healthy puppies.

Key Questions To Ask When Looking For A Puppy

Choosing a breeder and selecting your puppy takes time and thought. Remember to ask questions such as these before meeting your new family member.

Are You Ready to Bring Your Puppy Home?

Remember .... A dog can bring joy and happiness to any home when care and thought is given to its needs. The time and effort spent will be returned many times over in companionship, devotion and unquestioned love.

Find a Registered Breeder

Only breeds where there is a Registered Breeder in Western Australia appear on this list when a Breeder has elected to advertise here.

What Activities Can I Do With My Dog?

Whatever the reason you have a dog, there are a wide variety of activities that you can enjoy with your companion - follow the links below to learn more.


WA Terrier Club, All Breeds Championship Show, 28 November

Southern River Agility & Obedience Dog Club, 29 November 2015

DWD Club of WA, DWD, 4 December

Bunbury & Districts Dog Club, Championship Show, 5 & 6 December

Dobermann Club of WA, Agility Trial, 12 December

West Australian Kennel Club, Open & Championship Show, 12 December

West Australian, Championship Christmas Benefit Show, 13 December

Dobermann Club of WA, Obedience & Rally O , 13 December

Canine Fund Raisers, Double Header Championship Shows, 1 & 2 January

Ladies Kennel Club of WA, Championship Show, 16 January

Canine Fund Raisers, Championship Shows, 22 - 24 January

Non Sporting Dog Club of WA, Championship Shows, 29 - 31 January

West Rottweiler Club of WA Inc, Agility Trial, 30 January

Midland Dog Training Club, DWD, 5 February

Northern Suburbs Training & Obedience Dog Club, Obedience & Rally O, 6 February

Bunbury & Districts Dog Club, Open Show, 7 February

Albany All Breeds Dog Club, Championship Shows (13 & 14 February), Obedience Trial/ Agility x 2 (13 February) & Jumping x 2 (14 February)

Southern River Agility & Obedience Dog Club, Obedience & Rally O, 20 February

Dogs West, State Agility Trial, 27 February

Fremanlte Dog Club & German Shepherd Dog Association of WA, B&A Championship Show, 27 & 28 February

The Royal Canin Dogs West Championship/ Obedience/Agility/DWD, 4-7 March

Dogs West Classic Working Party, Championship Show, 12 & 13 March

Dogs West National Agility Trial, 19 March

The Collie & Shetland Sheepdog Club of WA, All Breeds Championship Show, 26 March

Retrieving Club of WA, All Age, 26 March

Canine Stewards Association of WA, B & A Championship Show, 27 March

All Breeds Dog Club of WA, Open Show, 2 April

Bunbury & Districts Dog Club, Double Header Obedience and Rally O, 3 April

Spitz Dog Club of WA, Championship Show, 9 April

Dogs West, Obedience Working Party, Double Header Rally O Trial, 10 April

The West Coast Rottweiler Club of WA, Championship Show, 16 April

The WA Chihuahua Club, Championship Show, 17 April

The BT & BT Miniature Association of WA, Open Show, 17 April

Southern River Agility & Obedience Dog Club, Double Header Agility Trial, 24 April

The Collie & Shetland Sheepdog Club of WA, Championship Show, 3 July


Health Concerns


Western Classic 2016 - Bulletin Board


Security on the Grounds


ID Requirements


National Breeder and Litter Statistics


Butane Camping Stoves


Agility Nationals 2016 - Team Selection Procedure


Honour Boards


Access to Dogs West grounds


Sale of Goods on Association Grounds


Vaccination Position Statement released by the AVA


Canine News Closing Dates


Land Sale Progress


An update on the progess of the land sale.  Read more...

Grounds Parking Policy


A Parking Policy has been adopted to ensure fair access to parking on the grounds. Read More...

Compulsory Microchipping


Microchipping will be compulsory from 1 January 2012. 

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